4 knitted showpieces of milk yarn created to represent the fashion brand GUDRUN&GUDRUN

4 knitted showpieces of milk yarn created to represent the fashion brand GUDRUN&GUDRUN

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Fashion Tech


This project is called Fashion Tech 2019, and was arranged by the innovation network Lifestyle and Design Cluster.

The project was about designing the future with new technologies and sustainability in the fashion industry. All participating students were put together in groups and paired up with a fashion brand. I worked with two students from VIA Design, which is the same university that I study at. We worked together with the fashion brand GUDRUN&GUDRUN from the Faroe Islands, who makes knitwear. They sell clothing all over the world, and needed a new yarn, which looks and feels like wool, but could be used in their summer collection.

Focusing on sustainability we chose to work with milk yarns. These yarns are made from a polymer milk protein called casein, extracted from discarded produce from the dairy industry that are no longer fit for human consumption. The casein fibers have many positive characteristics; they are strong, soft like wool, smooth like silk, antibacterial and climate regulating to name but a few. Furthermore, the fibers are machine washable and home compostable.

We made 4 showpieces each representing a summer weather phenomenon in the Faroe Islands: sun, rain, wind and mist.


This set is hand knitted with milk yarn. The sun with its rays is the inspiration that has got the place of honor in the middle and can shine all over the body. The bright colours create warmth and lead the mind towards a summer day.


This dress is hand knitted with milk yarn and symbolises the rain that flows down the body and leaves a puddle where the person stands. Along the way, the clear water plays with the light, leaving visible nuances of white and blue.


This dress has sewn flounces of both woven and machine knitted fabric of silk and milk fibers.
The dress is inspired by the wind’s lively movements, which randomly create waves and lines on its way across the body. It grabs everything it can and leaves an energetic expression.


This dress is hand knitted with white milk yarn. It is inspired by mist that surround the body seductively and leaves a fullness at the sleeves that looks heavy, but in fact is noticeably light.

We have always used everything from our sheep on the Faroe Islands, inside food and everything except the milk. So it is very exciting if this can be made into yarn.

Gudrun Ludvig, co-owner of GUNDRUN&GUDRUN

The showpieces was exhibited at Geologisk Museum in Copenhagen from 05/08/19 to 08/08/19 as a part of the project.

Later we exhibited at:

  • VIA Design (Herning, Denmark): 13/08/19 - 02/09/19
  • Pej Gruppen (Hammerum, Denmark): 06/09/19 - 04/10/19

You can read more about the project on Lifestyle & Design Clusters website here
Learn more about the brand Gudrun & Gudrun on their website here